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 In my practice in Amsterdam I give shiatsu therapy consisting of either shorter or longer series of individual treatments. Shiatsu is a form of Japanese manual therapy based upon the principles of both eastern and western medicines. Shiatsu is used to treat various complaints such as: stress; burn-out; RSI; back problems; headache; tiredness and  insomnia.



The first treatment begins with a short period of orientation, wherein questions are asked  concerning your health, the complaints needing treatment and regarding your way of living, such as diet, the quality of your sleep and your daily activities. Following on from this discussion a diagnosis is obtained by feeling the various reflex zones on the back, the stomach and the merideans that flow through the body. Accordingly a shiatsu treatment will be given which is most appropriate for the complaints and the individuals constitution at that moment in time.The first treatment last for a total of approximately one to one and a half hours. Succeeding treatments will last for one hour. After a shiatsu treatment it is advisable to allow some free time for yourself.



The shiatsu treatment is given on a cotton matrass (a fouton). Light and lose fitting clothing is to be worn during a treatment, preferably from cotton. Avoid wearing synthetic materials owing to the static electricity. On the day of the treatment it is advisable not to eat very much, not to consume alcohol or perform tasks which demand a great deal of physical strain. These all have the tendency to disturb the Ki (the body's vital energy), diminishing the effect of the treatment. It is requested that you refrain from wearing perfume, body lotion or after shave during the treatment. Furthermore do not take a long, hot bath beforehand.
The shiatsu treatment will last approximately one hour. The initial appointment will last approximatley one and a half hours owing to the orientation discussion. After a treatment advise will be given, where appropriate , for example regarding diet, or concerning simple exercises that can done at home. It is advisable to relax after receiving a shiatsu treatment.
Treatments are give monday to friday from 09:00 until 17:00 hours

The address of the practice is:
Marijke Hemminga
Kinkerstraat 297c
1053 ET Amsterdam
tel. 020 6160438

Please phone me in order to make an appointment, or if you request further information. A folder describing my work can be sent to you by post.



 My practice is easily accessible using public transportation. Take the tram 7 or 17, via the Kinkerstr, alighting at the tram stop "Jan Pieter Heyestraat ", near to the Hema. The practice can also be reached using tram 1, via the Overtoom. Get off at the Jan Pieter Heyestraat and walk along this street until the crossing with the Kinkerstraat (approximately 5 minutes).
By car the practice can be quickly reached using the ring road, leaving at junction S106; via the Surinameplein, which connects to the Overtoom (for further details please consult "Openbaar Vervoer"). The Kinkerstraat is a one-way street (direction city center) whereas the Overtoom has circulation going in both directions. Parking places are easily found on the Jan Pieter Heyestraat, or in one of the side streets. A parking fee of E 1,70 is charged during the day, from monday to friday.



I have followed the four year long training to be a shiatsu  therapist at the IOKAI Akademie Nederland, which is based in Amsterdam. This training included a course, in three parts, dealing with western medicine (anatomy, physiology and pathology). As a result I obtained the certificate  IOKAI  Meridian Shiatsu and the diploma IOKAI Meridian Shiatsu Therapist.
I am a member of the "Vereniging IOKAI Shiatsutherapeuten" (V.I.S.). I am also registered with the "SRBAG" as a therapist working with natural healing and treatment methodes and lastly with the TBNG (Stichting Tuchtrecht Beroepsbeoefenaren Natuurlijke Gezondheidszorg).
I have been working as a shiatsu therapist since 1998.